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Peak Consulting Inc. specializes in Leadership Development, Executive Consulting and Emotional Intelligence. We work hard in making sure you achieve your organizational goal.


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Free Leadership Self-Assessment

Leading from the Roots is a leadership development program created by our Founder, Nelson J. Estrada. In this program, he identifies critical characteristics of a great leader, breaking each one of them down to applicable, life-changing principles. Nelson's trainings cover everything from leadership, emotional intelligence, all the way what he has coined as 'followship'.This program is designed to help you increase your performance, blow the lid off your capacity and grow your influence, both professionally and personally. Nelson helps you understand the true dynamics of a team, what a leader really is and how it all starts. This program will help your business, team or group go from where you are today, to fully prepared for tomorrow. 


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We strive to ensure your organization performs at the optimal level you desire, by positioning ourselves next to you in the trenches. We align our approach to your needs in a collaborative effort. Our desire is to never let you feel alone in the challenges you face in your leadership. As the leader, are you fully-prepared and equipped for what the future of your organization holds? Be sure of it starting today!​


Free E.I. Self-Assessment

Researchers are finding that the greatest attribute a leader can have in their repertoire is EQ, otherwise known as Emotional Quotient (similar to an IQ). There are great leaders, attempting to do great things, for great organizations who seem to be running into the same wall. Why can't I get my team to respond to me? It's an honest question very few leaders will ever vocalize. Why? It generates a feeling of inadequacy. However, they are in great company. Emotional Intelligence is the backbone of influence and we can help. We focus on 3 critical components of Emotional Intelligence:

  • Emotional Awareness

  • Harnessing Emotions (making use of them)

  • Managing Emotions of yourself and others


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Leadership is a cornerstone of success in any organization or government. The same is true for a great follower. In order for you to be a successful leader, it requires great followers. Nelson recognizes this in his coined phrase 'followship'. Nelson focuses on the key principles of being a great follower, the added value the follower brings to the table, as well as removing the stigma of what it means to call yourself a follower. Nelson believes that the pressure of being a leader and not a follower, has led many people to unnecessary failure, by emphasizing the need for everyone to be a leader. Nelson realizes not everyone has a desire to be a leader, but that does not excuse them from being great. In Nelson's Followship training, he teaches what it means and looks like to be a great follower!



You're on your way to greater leadership!

Nelson Estrada is a leadership consultant, author and culture coach. He has over a decade in leadership experience in various industries. He has a charismatic communication style and uniquely diverse background, with a niche for organizational culture. Nelson has also spent several years in the entertainment industry as a traveling DJ and music artist manager. Nelson has worked with the likes of Kanye West, Ginuwine, DJ Jazzy Jeff and much more. Nelson has shifted his focus from the entertainment world to the corporate world; helping organizations and leaders reach optimal performance. From non-profits to multi-million dollar financial institutions, Nelson has equipped leaders with incredible principles that have helped their teams performance and establish a winning culture. Nelson has served in various leadership roles throughout his career and has cultivated many relationships over the years. These core principles Nelson brings to your team can be applied across all levels of your organization; helping you grow your current core leaders as well as developing new ones.  

Topics Include:


  • Leading from the Roots

  • EQ and You (Emotional Intelligence)​

  • Creating a Winning Culture ​

  • Followship

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